Have you had it? Finally reached the breaking point. Now you are ready to file for divorce.

What do you need?

First of all, the State of Wyoming has fill-in the blank forms with instructions on the Wyoming Supreme Court Website: www.courts.state.wy.us “Self Help/Forms” You can use those forms to file your own divorce.

If you have questions or run into problems, an attorney can assist you, even after you have tried to file on your own.

What do you need?

1. Information about you, your spouse, your children;
2. When and where you were married;
3. Where you and your children have lived during the past several years;
4. What property and debts you and your spouse have;
5. What income and investments you and your spouse have;
6. What you and your spouse’s education and training levels are;
7. Where you and your spouse work and have worked for three years;
8. What property you and your spouse own, who owns it, and is it marital property;
9. What debts do you and your spouse have, who is liable, and what is it for; and
10. You will need to provide copies of your tax returns, w-2s and pay stubs for the current year and the past 2 years.

Children: If you have minor children, you and your spouse must consider their well-being. The Court will make decisions about custody and support of the children based on the “best interests of the child.”

Child support will be ordered based upon the combined income of both parents. If you do not provide information about your or your spouse’s income, the Court will use an “imputed” amount to determine what the child support amount will be.

Divorce is a difficult time for children. You must remember that a child will love the other parent, whatever your feelings are. Do not fight with your spouse through your child. There are counseling services that can help the child (and parents) go through the experience of divorce.

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