Company Formation

Incorporation or Organization of a Limited Liability Company .

The following information will be needed:

Name of Corporation? ____________________________

Incorporator? ____________________________

Registered Agent Address (must be street address) ____________________________

Number of Shares? _______________

__________ $___________________ Check or Cash
Per share price $___________

__________ In exchange for and in consideration of __________dated __________________, which the parties agree is valuable and sufficient consideration.

(If you are transferring an existing business into the corporation, we need to complete sale documents and a list of assets being sold will be required. I recommend that you consult an accountant before transferring an existing company into a corporation because there may be tax ramifications.)

Who are going to be shareholders?
Name, address ____________________________
Name, address ____________________________
Name, address ____________________________

_______ jointly ?

Who is going to be?
President _________________________________
Vice President ____________________________
Secretary _________________________________
Treasurer _________________________________
Other Officers _____________________________

Who are going to be directors?
How many ______________
What qualifications_________________________________________
(They do not have to work for the company or own any of the shares.)

Director 1 Name _________________________________
Director 2 Name _________________________________
Director 3 Name _________________________________

What do you want the fiscal year to be (year end for tax purposes)? (Check with your accountant.)

Do you want to impose restrictions on the sale of the shares of stock? _______
Can only be bought by other shareholders ____________
Must approve of purchaser ____________
Must the corporation by the stock back ________________
What happens upon death of one of the shareholders ______________

Where is bank? ____________________________________
Who can sign checks? _______________________________
$ Restrictions _________________________________

Who can sign contracts of behalf of corporation? ______________________

Do you want a sub-S corporation? __________________________

Accountant’s Name _____________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
Telephone No. _________________________________________________

Bill of Sale ____________________________________________________
Lease Back ____________________________________________________
Loans _______________________________________________

Similar information will be needed for the formation of a Limited Liability Company.